Queen Linnea

Who is Linnea?

My name is Linnea and I have experienced pain, heartbreak, trauma, and plenty of struggles in my life. Moving around in this world as a woman is beyond tough. But here I stand, and I STAN for women. I am a Content Creator, Podcaster, and Writer. I want to empower women, tell our stories, encourage self love, and showcase all the amazing things we accomplish on a daily basis. I want to shine a light on our triumphs and bravery. As I grow, I want to provide resources and help little girls who need it. I believe in the power and strength in women. We are resilient! We are divine beings, and so beautiful. My prayer is that you leave this space knowing that you are never alone, that you learn about women you’ve never met, and connect with them. I want you to feel uplifted, inspired, and hopeful. Let’s start a movement!

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